From the plateau of Saint-Julien, one can spot Château Talbot in the distance in the midst of an ocean of vines, parks and tall trees.

The estate has a rich history. Its name originates with Connétable Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, governor of Guyenne as well as being a famous English military commander, who was defeated at the battle of Castillon in 1453.

In 1855, at the time of the Médoc and Graves growth classifications ordered by Emperor Napoleon III, Château Talbot was promoted as a fourth classified growth of Saint-Julien. For several decades it belonged to the Marquis of Aux and was the purchased in 1918 by Désiré Cordier.


A FAMILY HISTORY: from 1918 to today


The « FRENCH PARADOX » in SAINT-JULIEN: President Lebrun visits Saint-Julien in 1934


PASSERS BY, GREET SAINT-JULIEN: The Mayor Désiré Cordier installs signs at the village’s entrances.