4ème Grand Cru Classé of Saint-Julien

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Désiré Cordier   1861 — 1940

As a simple wine grower who is passionately attached to his vines, it pleases me to convey the efforts undergone to obtain these essentially natural and famous wines, whose perfection and health benefits are a subject of legitimate pride to all of us.’

Alchemy of grape varieties and terroirs

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‘It is a well-known fact: to be and to remain the owner of a well-respected vineyard, one must be endowed with a real aristocracy that identifies itself with the vineyard and the wine. Everything must be sacrificed for this, beginning with private interests (…). ’

A faithful expression of Saint-Julien terroir

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To be a grand cru owner, you must in some way be in love with it.’

Désiré Cordier

1861 — 1940