Protection against counterfeiting

Since the 2012 vintage, we have implemented advanced anti-counterfeiting protection. From the 2019 vintage onwards, our system of protection has evolved: MSP-SAS’s QRSH system bolsters security and traceability thanks to the integration of new security and authentication features which are unique for each bottle.

These protection systems are presented as a self-adhesive polymer label with iridescent relief. It is directly affixed to each bottle of Château Talbot, on the capsule.

Authentication can be checked very easily in mobile version by flashing the 2D code on the seal. This transfers the user to the platform and requests him to check the ID code and security code in the iridescent relief which is unique to each bottle. The platform indicates whether the bottle is authentic or not.

To authenticate your bottles of Château Talbot, you can also click on one of the visuals below according to the model of stamp affixed to your bottle and follow the link that will take you to the MSP SAS platform: