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Domaine Saint Andrieu

Domaine Saint Andrieu

In the heart of the Provencal hinterland, high above the small village of Correns, stands Domaine Saint Andrieu.

This remarkable site has made it possible to grow vines thanks to the three natural sources of water that provide the Domaine’s water supply, including the Saint Andrieu source from which it takes its name.

Culminating at an altitude of 380 metres, the estate is set in 600 hectares of forest and scrubland.

Today, the Domaine has the wind in its sails. The work carried out in the vineyards has given the terroir a remarkable expression. The wines obtained reflect this and demonstrate superb character. The Haute Valeur Environnementale certification obtained in June 2017 and the BEE FRIENDLY label obtained in 2020 are the culmination of this commitment.

Olive trees, the symbol of Provence, also have their place and occupy almost 9 hectares. From these, we produce an “Extra Virgin” olive oil, extracted after cold pressing.

Château Sénéjac

Château Sénéjac

Owned by the Cordier family since 1999, the Château Sénéjac estate extends over 150 hectares, of which 41 hectares are planted with vines.

In addition to its exceptional Médoc terroir, Château Sénéjac boasts a vast array of farmland. Together, these constitute a rich biodiversity reserve that we aim to maintain, enhance and, above all, preserve.

A vineyard in a setting of biodiversity

Of the 150 hectares that make up the estate, some 40 hectares of forest border the vineyards to the north and south of the property. Between the vines and this forest, the landscape alternates with meadows where horses and donkeys can be seen.
In the park around the château, ancient fishponds bear witness to ancient fish farming practices. They are home to a wide variety of aquatic species.

On this vast territory, the 41 hectares of vines are spread over clay-gravel hilltops, naturally conducive to the cultivation of typical Médoc grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.